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Hotel i Dammusi

Borgo Cala Creta

Despite being considered by the English, which for the first "map", the top seven islands in the world for beauty of the sea and beaches, Lampedusa not only sea but offers some wonderful shows floral and fauna.

The island, now "garrigue irreversible" changes its appearance and color and flavor changes with the changing of the seasons: the Scilla stretch in October, making it white and blue, the bloom of acacias and Gaggia covers the yellow in March / April and immediately after the cushions of wild thyme and the flowers of the thistle turn purple and lilac.

This alternative color scans from the position of whales every year in April lap Lampedusa with their young and let the currents carry rich with shrimp, accompanied by less time hunting falcon of the queen, now settled, that the exchange prey with his beaten in more than 120 km.l 'now., witnessing the ancient rite of the return, even by the ocean, the turtles to lay their eggs in the same place where they are formed.

Some more news...

The Pelagie (from the greek Altomare) with the island of Lampione is, because of their belonging to the African continental shelf, the area is not relevant to the island of Sicily itself. This ".. their unique history, marked by periods of abandonment antropico whole centuries and lasted almost always held the edge of Sicilian history have given to these strips of land of unique characteristics that allow them to be distinguished by a decision by the other satellites dell'Isola Mother. "In this brief and rigorous description of these islands, taken from the Natural History of the Pelagie Islands, you can find the salient and incontrovertible of" character "of Lampedusa character .. that the" passengers "have turned more attention, translate the feelings and the soul of a famous book, in the simplest, and perhaps trivial, "Lampedusa ... my Africa." A void that is the fact that the Paleolithic, periodically up to the Phoenicians, the Greeks, Romans and Arab Island has been inhabited and abandoned, and after four hundred years of solitdine pirates and in 1760 it was colonized by six French followed, after sixteen years, by a Maltese family. And then, while the West consolidated its primates, was a succession of small groups of farmers, led now by Maltese English now. Even the Russians, with Prince Potemkin tried purchasing the island to house a colony of subjects of the Empress. It may have even less significance with 'arrival of the first 120 panteschi in 1843 we can begin to talk of a community resident. Indeed, no trace remains of any vicissitude past, being, the essence, the soul of this island is firmly anchored to its physical geography, with its light, its smell, its color. “Isola" hard, harsh, dry, strong bumper and primitive island but also unique, magical, rich, intoxicating, immersive and fascinating one that emanates a scent a breath essence anesthetic.


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