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Hotel i Dammusi

Borgo Cala Creta

Built in the pure local style with its strong Arab connotations, with dry-stone walls, long narrow windows and a withe dome to retain coolness.
Each Dammuso is a room tastefully decorated in a functional way and has a covered patio and a private garden. The interior is always fresh thanks to the dome and the drywall Has 2 beds with Possibility of extra bed, bathroom with shower, ceiling fan, radio and fridge. There are 16 dammusi "comfort", recently refurbished, and 7 dammusi "standard".

Freshwater at will;
Hot Spot Wi-Fi direction, bar “terrace" and Patio;
Pets allowed;

News: "Easy Book"
The Hotel has an internal library with all the latest Best Sellers and a small thematic library on the history of the Mediterranean.

Based on the conviction that there is no real differentiation between the different ways of interpreting the holidays, the village will appeal to those traveling (unlike the tourist that binds it's activity holiday for mobility) to Create Their Own idea of living as a refuge, rest and relaxation. In other words , and in full empathy with the island , is a classic site where you can spend and enjoy a true "vacation" Among the most intense colors and scents of the Mediterranean and the dazzling light of Africa . The Village, in fact, perched on the cliffs of Cala magical Crete , facing the birth of the sun and moon, are a unique and different for transfer provisoriamnete Their sedentary lifestyle without having to give up trips to the real world, noisy, chaotic and That tourism is consumed in the West.

These color changes always accompanied the passage of whales each year in April lapping the Island with their small, drifting currents rich in shrimp, accompanied also hunting falcon of the queen arborea that exchanges the prey with his partner beaten in at over 120 km away. And witness the ancient ritual of return from the oceans of the turtles to lay their eggs in the place where they were born.


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